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We're mission-driven, just like you, so we want to offer our care to Boston tech companies solely for what it costs us to deliver it.

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Traditional solutions do not work for everyone


of people have MSK pain at any given time


of people have sleep problems at any given time


of people have digestive issues at any given time

Goodpath's integrative approach

An icon of a person, representing the time Goodpath takes to understand each member.

In-depth understanding of the condition and member preferences

An icon of a Goodpath box and mobile phone representing the Goodpath app.

Multi-disciplinary holistic medicine (yoga, PT, supplements, OTC, mind and body)

An icon of a human body, showing the evolution of a Goodpath program.

Patient-centered care that evolves with progress and is always relevant

Health outcomes members rave about

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Goodpath gets real results for our members


of our members improve their health

Everything our members need to feel their best

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We deliver the products you need

A monthly Goodpath box, delivered to your doorstep, all included with your Goodpath subscription.

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All-in-one app experience

A seamless experience that ties it all together; daily tasks and guidance, custom content, and personalized progress tracking.

A mobile phone showing the Goodpath app and a member talking to their personal, medical coach.

A personal coach to support your journey

Your coach is there to answer your questions, continually customize your experience, and keep you motivated as you progress.

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