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Sleep programs: supported by science, tailored to you.

Complete care - so you feel better, faster

Your coach will take a well rounded look at the whole body, the whole condition, to help address both short and long term care.

Goodpath benefits:

  • One-on-one sessions with a nutritionist

  • Exercise & mindfulness videos

  • Curated supplements, shipped monthly

  • Monthly program updates

Real science, real results

Let’s understand your insomnia

Our assessment takes about 10 minutes, and helps us get to the root of your condition. From there, we build a program that puts you on the path to recovery.

Why we're different

A good night’s sleep, right at your doorstep

Don’t miss another refill again. Each program includes supplements shipped to you monthly.

Success stories

June 2020

"My Goodpath program was customized just to me, with short-term relief mixed with longer-term actions that are reducing my back pain and helping me sleep. My Goodpath coach sends me instructions for how and when to use the parts of my program to keep things easy to follow.

I look forward to more months with Goodpath, and getting back to my everyday life!"

Common questions

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Who will my coach be?

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