Five tips to reframe your thoughts about food

Five tips to reframe your thoughts about food

If you are feeling overwhelmed when you think about food, read the following:

  • Some foods are more nutritious than others, but understanding that no food is off-limits will help you make choices that better align with what and how much your body needs, rather than what or how much you think you should be eating.

  • Say out loud to yourself: “Food has no moral value: no food is right or wrong. What I eat doesn’t make me a good or bad person.”

  • Food provides more than just energy and nutrition. It connects you with others and it is meant to be enjoyed.

  • When it comes to what and how you eat, things will not always go as planned. That’s okay! It’s important to stay flexible.

  • When you think about food, focus on the foods you might want to add to your diet, rather than anything you feel like you should take away. For example, think about the beautiful fruits you might add to your diet. Do you enjoy mangoes, bananas, or blackberries? Try having them more often! Approaching food this way can help improve your view of it.

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