Help with Brain Fog - Reading Practice, Part 3

Help with Brain Fog - Reading Practice

Brain fog can cause problems with focus, memory and language. This is Part 3 of the 3-part reading practice. It will help to further “exercise” your brain.

For this part, you’ll select work-related or other materials. The reading materials should be at your pre-brain fog level. You’ll find that the reading further challenges your brain. However, as you continue, it will become easier. And, you’ll notice the effects on your brain fog.

You may have some difficulty. If this occurs, talk with your coach. They may suggest that you continue with magazines for a while or shorten your reading time. 

If during the practice, your brain fog symptoms or other symptoms (e.g headache) get worse, you should stop reading. Rest for a while in a dark, quiet room. 


Materials: For Part 3 here, we’d like you to use more challenging reading materials in printed format. It should be what might be required for your work, for a college/university-level course, or for other professional purposes. 

When: Once a day for 3 weeks.

Where: In a quiet place without distractions.

What: Read for 20 to 30 minutes.


Rest your brain for a few minutes. Close your eyes. Take a slow deep breath in through your nose, then breathe out through your mouth.

Repeat 5-10 times.

You’ve completed the practice.