Staying Positive During Social Distancing.

Medically reviewed by Goodpath Medical Team,

Staying Positive During Social Distancing

Coronavirus advice for our friends, families, and fans.

1. Make A Daily Plan

Organizing yourself provides mental goals and purpose. Schedule calls with friends, tackle chores, exercise, etc.

2. Share Good Stories

Now is when we celebrate good times. Plus, your positivity brings it to others, which feeds back to you.

3. Take Deep Breaths or Do It In 4’s

This calms the nervous system and decreases stress. Use a rule of 4: Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4, breath out for 4, hold for 4.

4. Share Gratitude

Call out the great, even if small. Honest praise strengthens connections, improves motivation, and increases happiness. 

5. Get Mental Distancing Too

Find a way to get mental space to return refreshed. Try earbuds. Maybe that bathroom trip gets a little longer... 

6. Try Laughing

Simply laughing - even if fake - can change one's mood. Even better, when laughter is real, it's the best kind of contagion.

7. Take Baby Steps

If overwhelmed, one step at a time ends up going far. Ask only about the next action needed. Slowly build from there.

8. End The Day Well

Spend time remembering 3 good things that happened each day, not what was hard. It boosts resilience, creativity, and mood.

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- The Goodpath Medical Team