Long COVID: Fatigue [Mild Fatigue Version]


Many factors contribute to fatigue - meaning you lack energy and strength and feel very tired. Some of them are obvious, like intense workouts, long work hours, or poor sleep. It is a common symptom of long COVID.

Although there is no cure for long COVID fatigue, you can take steps to help manage it and work towards regaining your health.

The Four Ps

The Four Ps are planning, pacing, prioritizing, and positioning.


Of course, we all know the meaning of planning. Planning is particularly important when it comes to fatigue. Plan your day, but be prepared for changes.


Pacing means that you balance rest and activity and easy and difficult tasks throughout the day. Don't wait until you're tired to rest - plan to rest.


You will need to prioritize your activities - i.e. consider what is most important - and don't worry about less important ones.


Change positions throughout the day - sit for a while, lie down, then walk around for a few minutes, use good posture, and organize your living space so you reach, bend, and lift less.

Some Important Points

  • Remember to pay attention to your pattern of fatigue

  • Notice what helps and what worsens your fatigue

  • To help manage your fatigue, use the Four Ps

  • Talk with your coach about your fatigue and ways to handle it