MH Pre-Program Screening

Goodpath Pre-Program Screening

The purpose of the Pre-program Screening is to further assess whether Goodpath's mental health program meets your needs and goals. It involves a conversation between you and one of our licensed care team providers. Please read this document carefully prior to your Pre-program Screening appointment - the care team provider you are meeting with will confirm that you have read, understand, and provide your consent for this service. 


Goodpath licensed care team providers maintain a legal and ethical responsibility to maintain confidentiality regarding all communications that are a part of your Pre-program Screening. However, the nature of electronic communications technologies is such that Goodpath cannot guarantee that communications will be uncompromised. To protect against this possibility, Goodpath uses updated encryption methods, firewalls, and back-up systems to help keep your information private, but there is a risk that any electronic communications may be compromised, unsecured, or accessed by others. You should also take reasonable steps to ensure the security of our communications (for example, only using secure networks and having passwords to protect the device you use). 

Additionally, licensed care team providers are required by law to break confidentiality in state-specific situations. In many jurisdictions, this includes potential identifiable harm to yourself or others, suspected abuse of a person who is not their own guardian or may be prone to being hurt by others (e.g., children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities), transmission of a previously unreported communicable disease, or any other state-mandated exceptions to confidentiality in your particular location. 

Emergencies and Technology 

Assessing safety and other urgent concerns can present challenges. To address some of these difficulties, please contact any of these emergency services should you find yourself in crisis: 

  • General emergency: 911 

  • Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988 

  • Crisis Textline: Text “DESERVE” to 741-741 

  • Online messaging: 

  • Local emergency services in your community such as a hospital emergency department

If the session is interrupted for any reason, such as the technological connection fails, and you are having an emergency, please use the services listed above. 


The Pre-program Screening shall not be recorded by either you or the care team provider in any way unless agreed to by mutual consent. Licensed care team providers are required by their licensing agencies to document their provision of services. Pre-program Screening notes will be documented by your care team provider on a secure platform that ensures confidentiality. 

Service Agreement 

As the Goodpath member, you will provide accurate, true, and complete information to the Goodpath care team provider. Either Goodpath or a Goodpath care team provider may inform you that you are not a good candidate for Goodpath’s services at the discretion of their professional judgment. Requesting treatment does not create a duty to provide care. The care team provider may determine that Goodpath services are not a good fit for your needs and provide you with referrals to appropriate in-person care. You have the right to withdraw consent to the services at any time without affecting your right to future care, services, or program benefits to which you would otherwise be entitled. After reviewing the information provided above, you can discuss these terms with your Goodpath care team upon request.