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What people are saying about Goodpath

Jose M.

"I'm getting back to my everyday life! My Goodpath coach keeps things easy to follow.”

Anne-Marie L.

"I used to pop pills to try to manage; now it is so much better than it was."

Bill G.

"My pain went from a 5 to a 1. I can have a normal day again!"

Customized for your exact profile


Eats a high sugar diet


Pain that interrupts sleep


Exercises once or twice per month


Medical history of kidney disease


Goal is to feel less tired during the day

Integrative Medicine: Combining the pieces of care

A custom sleep, IBS, or back pain plan can include:


Targeted nutrition tips and guidance to get your body back on track.

Supplements & Medicines

Tailored supplements and medicines to relieve your symptoms.


Hand-picked mindfulness & meditation exercises to improve your condition.


Physical fitness advice, strengthening exercises, and lifestyle adjustments tailored just to you.

Different people, different programs

Charlie P.

Software engineer, trouble staying asleep for 6 weeks, goal is to have the energy to run a 10k

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