Your Physical Exercise Program for POTS

Your Physical Exercise Program for POTS

People with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) have a group of symptoms (syndrome), including a rapid heart rate (tachycardia) when they change positions (postural) from lying to standing (orthostatic).

Goodpath provides an exercise program for our members with POTS. The goals are:

  • To retrain your body so you can stand without symptoms. 

  • To return to your usual daily activities.

Your exercise program includes cardio (aerobic) and strength training (resistance) exercises. 

Resistance Exercises

All of the information and exercise videos for the resistance exercises are in your Goodpath app. You will do the resistance exercises every Tuesday and Thursday.

Cardio Exercise Preparation


Before you get started, you’ll need one of the following types of seated exercise equipment: foot pedal exercise, recumbent (reclining) bike, or rowing machine

Talk with your coach about the types of equipment. They can help you select which is best for you. The foot pedal exerciser is the easiest to use, then the recumbent bike, and then the rowing machine.

You can buy (new or used) or borrow the equipment. There is a wide range of prices and features. You can also go to a gym, health club, local YMCA, etc. if you’re able.

Before you buy or borrow equipment, make sure you have space to use and store it. Some equipment is portable and foldable.

A foot pedal exerciser is the smallest and is also foldable. A rowing machine is larger, but can be folded/stored. A recumbent bike requires the most space, but some can also be stored. 

Heart Rate Monitor

You’ll need a device to monitor your heart rate. You can use one you already have or buy one locally or online. For this program, you need a simple device that can time your heart rate while you exercise.

You can use an activity tracker or Smartwatch. You can buy a basic activity tracker for about $20.00.


You also need a timer. Most of the equipment has timers. You can also use your activity tracker, Smartwatch, mobile phone, computer/laptop app, etc. 

Equipment/Device Check-list

  • Seated exercise equipment: foot pedal exercise, recumbent bike, or rowing machine

  • Heart rate monitor: activity tracker, Smartwatch

  • Timer, if needed

Checking Your Heart Rate

Once you have your equipment and device, you’ll provide your Goodpath coach with your resting heart rate

That means you will check your heart rate before you get out of bed in the morning. Once you check it, please send a message to your coach with your heart rate.

My resting heart rate: _____________ beats per minute

We’ll ask you to recheck it in 2 weeks to monitor your progress.

Once your coach has your resting heart rate, they’ll calculate your safe target heart rates for the 3 parts of your exercise program: warm-up, workout, and cool-down. You’ll receive a letter in the mail with your target heart rates and the rest of the instructions you’ll need.