Care done differently

Addressing back and joint pain (MSK), sleep, and digestive health through personalized integrative care.

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Our Approach

Feel better, faster with complete care

A personal breakdown of areas a woman needs to work on to help reduce pain.
One-on-one digital sessions with your health coach
Selected supplements & medicines shipped every month
Therapeutic exercise, yoga, and relaxation videos and classes
Monthly program updates

What is integrative care?

A combined approach to ensure lasting improvements


Real science, real results

4 out of 5

people improved their pain by 4 points on the pain scale in under 3 months1

A line chart showing the steady decrease in back pain using the Goodpath program.

Combining the best of medicine with the best of technology

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Our medical experts across diverse specialties create personalized wellness plans.
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Based on our advanced assessment and algorithms, we offer individualized care.

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A testimonial showcasing the great personalized Goodpath programs.

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