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Customized for...

  • Lower back pain

  • Multiple times a month

  • History of diabetes

Because there's just one you


Has a high-pressure job, feels anxious frequently, has trouble falling asleep, goal is to feel less tired during the day

Sleep Plan Includes

  • Meditation exercises for sleep and relaxation 

  • Virtual cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

  • Valerian and turmeric supplement

  • Sleep hygiene recommendations


Works in construction, likes to hike with his dog, has pain is his lower back and flare-ups a few times a month, goal is reduce baseline pain

Back Pain Plan Includes

  • Virtual yoga classes 2x/week

  • Lower back pain strengthening video

  • Anti-inflammatory supplements

  • 1:1 coaching to monitor progress


Our integrative approach

The best approach often includes more than one kind of treatment. This is called integrative healthcare, and it forms the basis of our custom care plans.

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What people are saying

Anne-Marie L.
February 2020

“I used to pop Aleve and Tylenol, trying to get through the pain from my back, but it just wasn’t working. Now I focus on a multi-modal approach. I stretch before bed and when I wake up to keep my back muscles loose, and use creams a few times a week to keep the inflammation down. For flare-ups in pain, I use over-the-counter medications and a TENS device. It’s improved my quality of life so much. With these types of things it will never be 100%, but it is so much better than it was.”

- Anne-Marie L.

Tricia G.
February 2020

“I use the multi-modal or integrative approach over anything else-- it just works better. Because each thing can work in a different way. It’s a different approach to relieving the pain. Stretching every day is important to keep my muscles loose, even if it’s just for a minute. I’m on my feet all day so I use shoe insoles to give my back the support it needs and sometimes I use topicals or over the counter medications to take the edge off of the pain. Every part of an integrative program works together in a different way to improve your quality of life.”

- Tricia G.


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Our multidisciplinary medical team

Goodpath’s team of health care professionals represents a broad range of specialties. This means we can draw on many types of medical expertise to create your custom plan. 

Stephanie Gianoukos, MD, MPH

I am an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist affiliated with the Steward Health Care Network in Massachusetts. I’m also a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Over the past 15 years, I have treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain conditions.

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Roukoz Abou-Karam, MD

I’m a physician with expertise in medical review and research. I currently serve as a postdoctoral research fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA; and as the Associate Editor of, a collaborative medical encyclopedia for health care professionals.

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Joanna Gholmie, BS Pharm, MS

I am a pharmacist and outcomes research professional. I have practiced in retail and clinical pharmacy in Lebanon and Switzerland prior to attending graduate school and conducting health outcomes research at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) University in Boston.

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