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Reduce costs and provide better care for back pain, sleep, and IBS

Why we're different

Comprehensive & integrative

Your program will cover everything you need to get you back on track

Dynamic & personalized

We'll update your program as you make progress over time

Know where you're headed

We'll help you navigate the path towards feeling your best

Why it's important to employers


Back pain, sleep and IBS can cost employers up to $10K per year per employee in productivity and direct medical, pharmaceutical, and imaging costs.


Over 50% of American adults suffer from back pain or insomnia.


As much as 90% of disc surgery for back pain is unnecessary or ineffective.


80% of patients with chronic pain are unsatisfied with their current care.

How we solve the problem

Integrative Care saves employers direct medical, pharmaceutical, imaging costs.

60% reduction in hospital admissions for patients with back pain

62% reduction in outpatient surgeries for patients with back pain

85% lower pharmaceutical costs for patients with back pain

Simple integration, seamless experience

Success stories

June 2020

"My Goodpath program was customized just to me, with short-term relief mixed with longer-term actions that are reducing my back pain and helping me sleep. My Goodpath coach sends me instructions for how and when to use the parts of my program to keep things easy to follow.

I look forward to more months with Goodpath, and getting back to my everyday life!"