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What is Goodpath’s Integrative Approach?

Learn how we provide a much better care experience by treating the whole person, not just symptoms and by focusing on nutrition, supplements and medicine, mind-body, and exercise.

The Employee Experience


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Receive a unique care program consisting of:

Customized supplement kits delivered to their door monthly.
A certified health coach assigned to you to modify the program over time and help motivate you to stick with it.
Personalized exercise regimen, mind body activities, and nutrition program based on your needs.

More Good Days. Start getting back to your best.

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Why it’s important to employers

Save up to $11K in medical spend

Employers can save this much in direct medical costs by using integrative care to treat conditions like back pain and behavioral health.

As much as 90% unnecessary

Back pain surgery is quite simply, unnecessary most of the time.

Over 80% of the US

A majority of Americans suffer from back pain, stress and anxiety, sleep and digestive issues.

80% of patients are unsatisfied

Patients with chronic conditions unhappy with current care.

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