Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Our Programs

A Goodpath program is an integrative set of treatments personalized just for you and your symptoms. Programs can include nutrition and supplements (such as nutrition coaching and targeted supplements); movement and lifestyle (like online yoga or strengthening exercises); mindfulness and meditation (like guided meditations and journaling), and coaching and guidance (1:1 coaching and other guidance to help you reach your goals).

Every Goodpath program uses an integrative approach, meaning that it integrates the best of conventional and complementary medicine and uses a patient-focused approach to treat the whole person rather than the illness. An integrative approach to care takes into consideration mental, emotional, functional, spiritual, social and community aspects to your health and well-being. Integrative care is based on a well-coordinated multimodal approach to care, combining the expertise of a diverse medical team, which spans doctors, physical therapists, specialists, nurses, and nutritionists. The fundamental pillars of the Goodpath integrative programs are nutrition and supplements, movement and lifestyle, mindfulness and meditation, and coaching and guidance.

Each program is constructed based on your symptoms, any previous diagnoses or medical history, lifestyle information (such as how much sleep you get, how often you exercise, and what your diet looks like), and your treatment preferences that you provide during your assessment. No two programs look alike, and each is designed to fit your unique needs and goals.

Every program is created by a combination of your inputs, the Goodpath algorithm, and our database of solutions that are approved and evaluated by our multidisciplinary medical team. Created by our team over the course of a year, our algorithm provides people with self-care programs optimized for both safety and efficacy. Our team of health coaches is available if you have any questions on the specifics of your program.

Our health coaches are available to answer any questions you may have regarding your self-care program. Use the chat function on the bottom of the self-care program page to connect with our health coaches, or visit our Support page.

About Goodpath

Goodpath currently supports back pain, mental health, sleep and IBS. If there is another condition you’d like to see Goodpath address let us know at

Our team has many different types of medical professionals, including generalist doctors, specialist doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, behavioral psychologists, yoga teachers, and health coaches who have deep expertise in the conditions we target. This diversity allows us to provide a truly integrative approach to your care, which spans nutrition & supplements, movement & lifestyle, mindfulness & meditation, and coaching & guidance. Meet the Goodpath medical team.

All the information that we publish about our programs is evidence-based and sourced through the Natural Medicines TRC database, LexiComp, the FDA, integrative care experts, or our internal rigorous review of the medical literature. All the content you can find on Goodpath is reviewed by our multidisciplinary medical team before it is published. We follow a patient-centered approach to grading evidence of effectiveness and we apply high safety standards to any treatment we offer.

Goodpath is not a replacement for your doctor. Health is complicated and while our personalized programs can help many people, they are not for everyone. Some people with severe or critical conditions might need to see a doctor to rule out more serious conditions or receive more advanced treatments. You know your body best. If you suspect that your condition is more serious than should be managed by self-care, you should see a doctor.

We aren’t currently able to take insurance, HSAs or FSAs. Our team is working to allow us to accept insurance and medical savings accounts.

Your privacy is important to us at Goodpath. Goodpath is SOC-2 certified and compliant. Any information provided to us during your health assessment will only be used to create a personalized self-care program for you and to improve our ability to recommend better, more effective treatments in the future. Review our full privacy policy.