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IBS happens a lot and it's different for everyone. That's why Goodpath creates personalized, integrative self-care plans.

Go Better with Integrative Care

Addressing your IBS is like solving a puzzle, and Goodpath has all the pieces.

We get the low-down on your IBS. Does your “go” go too fast, too slow, a bit of both?

We target your symptoms plus underlying triggers of IBS (surprisingly, our brains play a role).

Stress makes IBS worse. Our integrative care approach accounts for that.

Our multidisciplinary medical method puts it all together to address your condition from top to bottom.

Then, we stay with you. We care about your progress and work with you to keep you feeling better.

What are the types of IBS?

IBS with constipation

On days with an abnormal bowel movement, stools are frequently hard or lumpy

IBS with diarrhea

On days with an abnormal bowel movement, stools are frequently loose or watery

IBS with mixed symptoms

On days with abnormal bowel movements, stools are sometimes hard, other times loose

What people are saying

Tricia G.
February 2020

“I use the multi-modal or integrative approach over anything else-- it just works better. Because each thing can work in a different way. It’s a different approach to relieving the pain. Stretching every day is important to keep my muscles loose, even if it’s just for a minute. I’m on my feet all day so I use shoe insoles to give my back the support it needs and sometimes I use topicals or over the counter medications to take the edge off of the pain. Every part of an integrative program works together in a different way to improve your quality of life.”

- Tricia G.

How it works

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Get a monthly plan with nutrition tips, supplements, fitness & lifestyle guidance, and meditation & mindfulness exercises.

Track your progress

Goodpath's health coaches help you track your progress and make adjustments to your plan over time.

Because you're different


Bloating 1-2x/week, Wants to rely less on IBS prescription medications.

IBS Plan Includes

  • Supplements

  • Diet guide

  • Mind/body video

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