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Whole-person care for Long COVID relief.

Goodpath's integrative treatments follow CDC guidelines for best long-haul COVID care.

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How Goodpath approaches Long COVID care

Long COVID has a real impact on lives and ability to work

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of hospitalized COVID patients were unable to return to work for 2 months post-discharge1

A woman with long COVID symptoms.

of people infected with COVID suffer from Long COVID symptoms2

A sample of a short-term disability claim form.

of short-term disability claims are related to COVID3

Common symptoms of Long COVID

Goodpath provides simple, complete care for the most common Long COVID issues

Fatigue & Insomnia

Trouble breathing

Aches & pains

Sensory changes

Digestive issues

Brain fog

Integrative care for Long COVID

Research shows that integrative care is a proven method for treating chronic conditions

Goodpath treatment aligns with CDC recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends components of integrative care for those with long COVID*

CDC guidelinesGoodpath's approach
Lifestyle ChangesFood safety for sensory loss and anti-inflammatory diets to reduce pain
Activity Pacing and ExerciseEnergy conservation techniques to fight fatigue
Mind-Body TechniquesMeditation and yoga to reduce stress and lessen brain fog
OTC TreatmentsL-Theanine for better sleep and a spirometer for breathing exercises
*CDC, Management of Post-COVID Conditions, 2021.

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Everything you need, all-in-one program

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Products and Supplements

Goodpath delivers what you need, from breathing exercise devices and smell retraining kits to supplements for sleep

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Pacing, training, and exercises

A simple app destination that ties together daily tasks, guidance, and custom content

A mobile phone showing the Goodpath app and a member talking to their personal, medical coach.

A personal coach to support every step

Your dedicated medical coach will answer questions, help you stay on track, and guide lifestyle changes

Goodpath's integrative Long COVID care is scalable and helps return employees to work faster.

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