See how Goodpath helped one employee

Meet Jared

A few months ago, Jared strained his back. Due to the pain, he stopped working out and playing pick-up soccer on the weekends. 

He often works on his laptop while sitting on his sofa or at the kitchen table. By the end of the day, his back pain is much worse. He's not interested in going to the doctor, having X-rays, and getting a prescription for his pain.

How did Goodpath help?

Working closely with Jared, the Goodpath team developed a personalized, integrative program to help Jared manage his back pain. The program included the support of a Goodpath coach and nutritional support, herbal supplements, mind-body interventions, and therapeutic exercises.

With Goodpath, Jared feels better in a few short weeks

After a short time, Jared feels much better. He has far less pain and he started playing soccer again. With his coach’s advice, he now has a dedicated ergonomic home office, does daily recommended stretches, and takes walking breaks throughout the day.

He continues working with his coach, taking part in Goodpath’s long-term back pain program. Although his program is less intense and his coach meetings less often, he no longer has pain. His coach suggests an advanced exercise program and ongoing yoga sessions.

Thanks to Goodpath’s program, Jared plans to join a men’s soccer league.

Our Digital Health Programs

The Goodpath approach combines evidence-based medicine and powerful technology to deliver better care that is easily accessible and less expensive. We leverage algorithms and a world-class medical team to develop personalized treatment programs for employees with back pain, sleep problems, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Our programs are all-inclusive and seamless to use, with pain, sleep,and nutrition coaching through video chat, text message, and email. They also include supplements delivered directly to employees’ homes; on-demand exercise programs; and mind-body interventions, like yoga and other relaxation techniques. All of our program components are scientifically-proven to be safe and effective. 

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