Sleep Case Study | 20 Years of Sleep Trouble Solved with Goodpath

Melanie*, a Goodpath member, struggled to get quality sleep for over 20 years.

Before Goodpath, she used prescription medication, sometimes wine before bed, and various devices. Nothing led to consistent improvement.

Goodpath created a customized program for her that reset her approach to sleep. Within a few weeks, she had weaned herself off prescription medication. After a few months, she had mastered techniques that lead to lasting, quality sleep. She said, "I had been a poor sleeper for 20+ years. My attempts to improve my sleep were all wrong. Now though, I am a great sleeper.  I love the comprehensive approach."

*Melanie is a real Goodpath member. Her name and some personal details are changed to preserve anonymity.

For a more in depth explanation of integrative care and how it worked for a back pain member Christine, click here.

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