Sun Life U.S. expands partnership with Goodpath to offer virtual whole-person care supporting mental and physical health

Sun Life U.S. has expanded its partnership with Goodpath to offer employer clients virtual whole-person care, a new employee benefit that provides care for physical conditions and mental health, including unlimited therapy sessions. Sun Life disability clients can proactively support their employees' mental and physical health, helping to reduce the need for absences or extended leave. As access to care issues persist around the country, Sun Life continues to expand its portfolio of health services, including mental health, to help people get the care and coverage they need.

"It is clear that employers who are focused on health and productivity consider both physical and mental health, and we offer programs to support those strategies," said David Healy, president, Group Benefits, Sun Life U.S. "We are pleased to continue our work with Goodpath, who have already been providing meaningful services to our members on disability for musculoskeletal or long COVID-19 conditions."

Goodpath's whole-person care services cover mental health, musculoskeletal conditions, digestive issues, sleep concerns and cancer survivorship. All members receive mental health support, no matter the primary condition. Sun Life members using Goodpath's services have access to:

  • Unlimited talk therapy sessions

    Members can access virtual sessions with a licensed mental health therapist.

  • Customized care

    Members receive a personal health assessment, which is used to create a tailored health care plan designed for their unique needs.

  • Health coaching

    Members are paired with a dedicated health coach with a master's degree in a clinical specialty.

  • Access from anywhere

    The Goodpath app provides exercise therapy, mind-body interventions, behavioral health programs, learning modules, and more health and wellness offerings.

  • Custom Care Kits

    Each month, participating employees receive physical items they need delivered to their homes, such as devices, supplements, or therapy tools.

"The more we learn about holistic, or whole-person care, the more we see the value in this model of employee health benefits," said Dr. Tracy Hamill, M.D. assistant vice president and medical director, Group Claims and Clinical Services, Sun Life U.S. "Prioritizing whole-person care – and recognizing that it includes mental health – means our members receive support for a variety of health conditions, and will be able to proactively address mental health issues to maintain stronger mental wellness at work and at home."

"We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Sun Life and their clients, providing care that helps people improve their health and avoid more serious conditions," said Bill Gianoukos, CEO, Goodpath. "Whole-person care is proven to drive improved physical and mental health outcomes, which will foster a healthier workforce and can help drive down the cost of care."

Sun Life and Goodpath announced their initial partnership last year to offer virtual whole-person care to members receiving disability benefits for musculoskeletal conditions of the back or neck, or long COVID. Early results from the program showed that after three months, participants experienced significant reductions in pain severity, anxiety and depression.

Goodpath's whole-person care offering is now available to Sun Life clients. Learn more here.

View Sun Life's Press Release here.