Future Proof your Healthcare Strategy

Unlock the power of predictive AI for health risk management

Generative AI to Improve Health and Manage Risk

Trained on 40M+ patient medical events to revolutionize proactive health management. Goodpath Predict is generative AI made for health benefits.

Use Case

Impact of Goodpath Predict

Targeted Preventive Care

Launch preventive health programs for the conditions your population is most at risk for to minimize future costs

Proactive Health Management

Develop benefits strategies that align with the personalized needs of populations

Cost Mitigation 

Drive avoidance of high-cost claims with targeted interventions

Your Predictions are as Good as your Data

Goodpath Predict uses the industry's leading health dataset so you can make decisions with confidence


Goodpath Predict uses a dataset of 40M+ patient histories to provide the industry's most comprehensive insights into future medical events