What is a GoodPath kit?

A GoodPath kit is a holistic set of solutions personalized just for you and your symptoms. Kits include both physical solutions (like creams, ointments, devices, etc.) as well as lifestyle solutions (like strengthening videos or mindfulness exercises). GoodPath offers three types of kits: lifestyle kits (which suggest behavioral changes), symptom relief kits (which help with immediate symptom relief), and complete kits (which provide a holistic approach to managing your condition).

Which conditions do you currently support?

GoodPath currently supports back pain and sleep. If there is another condition you’d like to see GoodPath address let us know at

Who is on your medical team?

Our team includes generalist doctors, specialist doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and health coaches who have deep expertise in the conditions we target. Our medical team is diverse and multi-disciplinary because we provide well-rounded self-care kits that include medicinal, therapeutic and lifestyle treatments. Meet the GoodPath medical team.

How do you evaluate kit solutions?

Each and every solution we sell is fully evaluated by our multidisciplinary medical team. We only select solutions that have shown to be effective in research trials (for a particular health condition), or that have been recommended by an expert. Supplements and over-the-counter medications we select must contain the active ingredient(s) at the dose studied in trials. We also look for the most effective form of this active ingredient, such as the one that has the best absorption evidence. GoodPath does not sell prescription medication.

What does “well-rounded” or "integrative" really mean?

Every GoodPath self-care kit is well-rounded, meaning our self-care kits are based on an integrative or multimodal approach to care. We combine medicinal, therapeutic and lifestyle treatments to address your symptoms from every angle and are our self-care kits are most effective when fully adopted. Our diverse medical team allows us to take an integrative approach to our self-care recommendations.

How do you pick which solutions are in each kit?

Solutions we recommend on your self-care kit are selected based on relevant demographic information, previous diagnoses, and lifestyle information you provide during your assessment.

Where are you getting all of the information on your solutions and treatments?

All the information that we publish on the solutions we recommend is sourced through the Natural Medicines TRC database, MedlinePlus, the FDA, experts in the field, or the latest medical literature and studies. All the content you can find on GoodPath is reviewed by our multidisciplinary medical team before we publish it.

Will a doctor review all of my quiz answers? How do I know this is truly a personalized kit?

Every self-care kit is created by a combination of your inputs, the GoodPath algorithm, and our database of solutions that are individually evaluated and approved by our multidisciplinary medical team. Created by our multidisciplinary medical team over the course of 9 months, our algorithm provides people with self-care kits optimized for safety and efficacy. Individual kits are not reviewed by a doctor but our pharmacy team is available if you have any questions on the specifics of your self-care kit.

Do I need to take everything recommended in my self-care kit?

Our self-care kits are designed to help you achieve a higher quality of life. Chronic medical conditions can have a variety of causes and manifest themselves in a number of ways. Our well-rounded self-care kits address your condition from a variety of angles making a successful outcome more likely than if you deployed these solutions one by one.

How do I use all the solutions from a self-care kit together?

All the recommendations on a self-care kit are safely combined and kit is designed to be fully adopted. Simply follow the directions included with solution. If you want to learn more about a specific solution, click "Learn more" underneath that solution on your self-care kit.

How did GoodPath start?

GoodPath was created to improve the lives of millions suffering from chronic health conditions by providing personalized self-care kits that are easy to access and easy to manage. Our founders are veteran tech entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving people’s access to quality healthcare. They brought together a team of medical and eCommerce experts to deliver better health directly to the doorstep of those suffering from chronic medical conditions.

How does going to GoodPath relate to going to my doctor? Does GoodPath replace my doctor?

GoodPath is not a replacement for your doctor. Health is complicated and while our personalized assessment can help many people, it is not for everyone. Some people with severe or critical conditions might need to see a doctor to rule out more serious conditions or receive more advanced treatments. You know your body best. If you suspect that your condition is more serious than should be managed by self-care, you should see a doctor.

Can I speak with a medical professional at GoodPath regarding my kit?

Yes. Our pharmacy team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the solutions on your self-care kit page. Use the chat function on the bottom right of the self-care kit page to connect with our pharmacy team.

When/how will I get my digital solutions?

Your digital solutions (like stretching videos, meditation exercises, and dietary plans) will be delivered in your order confirmation email. It will contain links that will allow you to access the pdfs or video files for your digital solutions.

Do you take insurance, HSAs or FSAs?

We aren’t currently able to take insurance, HSAs or FSAs. Our team is working to allow us to accept insurance and medical savings accounts.

How do I know my data is safe?

Your privacy is important to us at GoodPath. Any information provided to us during your health assessment will only be used to create a personalized self-care kit for you and to improve our ability to recommend better, more effective treatments in the future. Review our full privacy policy.