Integrative medicine: A solution to managing employers’ medical benefits costs

More than ever, employers are dealing with shrinking margins and rising costs of employee benefits. At the same time, traditional health insurance isn’t always effective for the employer or the employee. 

Employee benefits should be simple and affordable for everyone. The model we know relies heavily on the member controlling their own healthcare coverage, which can be confusing - have you gotten billed for something you thought was in-network? When employees aren’t able to utilize their insurance to its fullest potential, it leads to wasted money and potentially future costs for the employer.

The solution is investing smarter to help employees. Many people have trouble following their own healthcare recommendations, even under the best circumstances. As an example, they may not comply with home physical therapy exercises or take care into their own hands. Why not give employees exactly what they need to successfully care for themselves, without having to go down multiple paths to find it?

That’s what Goodpath’s integrative care programs are all about.

Integrative Care: A Strategy To Reduce Healthcare Costs

Integrative care uses both conventional and complementary therapies, which are typically guided by a medical professional. Goodpath’s programs are tailored by our medical team and include supplements, mind-body therapies, exercise, nutrition, and more.

From our own research, two conditions are key healthcare cost drivers: musculoskeletal pain and behavioral health problems (including the impact on sleep, digestive health, etc.).

Take back pain as an example. Over 80% of American adults suffer from it at some time in their lives, according to the Veterans Administration/Department of Defense. This already high statistic could rise even further now that working from home is the new normal. Makeshift home offices and workspace couches create new cases and worsen existing ones.

A study in The American Journal of Pain found that integrative treatments for chronic pain can save employers up to $11K per year, per employee, in productivity as well as direct medical and pharmaceutical costs. One pilot study also determined that as many as 7 out of 10 people saw an improvement in their back pain with an integrative approach like Goodpath’s. 

Take this method one step further. Companies can reduce healthcare costs by offering digital medical care to their employees via access to a virtual integrative platform. Digital programs for high-cost conditions can save employers over 85% in pharmaceutical costs, according to an analysis of claims and patient survey data

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Our Digital Health Programs

The Goodpath approach combines evidence-based medicine and powerful technology to deliver better care that is easily accessible and less expensive. We leverage algorithms and a world-class medical team to develop personalized treatment programs for employees with back pain, sleep problems, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Our programs are all-inclusive and seamless to use, with pain, sleep, and nutrition coaching through video chat, text message, and email. They also include supplements delivered directly to employees’ homes; on-demand exercise programs; and mind-body interventions, like yoga and other relaxation techniques. All of our program components are scientifically-proven to be safe and effective. 

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