5 Pitfalls of Treating Back Pain at Home
How to avoid 5 mistakes while managing your back pain at home.

CBD: Benefits, Types, & Side Effects
CBD has many promising uses. See how it may be able to help with your condition.

7 Simple & Rejuvenating Stretches for Back Pain
Try these simple and rejuvenating stretches for back pain to relieve your discomfort today.

How to Improve the Gut-Brain Connection: 4 Ways to Keep Them Both Healthy
Gut health is an important factor in mental health, IBS, and obesity. The gut-brain axis is how messages between the two body parts communicated.

Two Proven Integrative Health Stress Relievers: Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery Meditation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery Meditation are two techniques to relieve stress that few people know about.

Is an Anti-inflammatory Diet Good for Back Pain?
Diet can't make back pain completely disappear. However, incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet may help.

How Do Sleeping and Eating Work Together?
4 ways that sleep and eating interact and what it means for the body

Back Pain: Causes, Prevention & Treatment
Our back pain experts assembled information about back pain causes, treatment, and prevention.

Insomnia: Causes, Prevention & Treatment
Learn more about troubled sleep or insomnia, where it comes from, and how it is commonly treated.

IBS: Causes, Prevention & Treatment
A simple IBS overview, including its different types, causes, and how it is commonly treated.

Natural Pain Relief Cream: 4 Science-Backed & Plant-Based Remedies
These four all-natural topical creams are evidence-backed ways to treat your back pain.

Causes of Insomnia
There are many possible causes of insomnia. Learn about what may be causing your sleep problems from Goodpath.

Treatment of Insomnia
There are many different treatments for insomnia. Learn about which treatments may be right for you.

Insomnia vs Sleep Apnea - What’s the Difference?
What's the difference between insomnia and sleep apnea? Get answers from the experts at Goodpath.

Lower Back Pain Relief: 5 Devices that Work
Here are several evidence-based devices you can use to treat your back pain effectively.

Back Pain Causes
Here are the common causes of back pain, written by a registered nurse on the Goodpath medical team.

6 Effective Dietary Supplements for Back Pain
Here are 6 evidence-based dietary supplements that can help with back pain.

4 of the Best Over-the-Counter Back Pain Pills According to Experts
Looking for back pain relief pills that work? Here are four options that are backed by the research.

The Best Treatment for Chronic Insomnia (and it isn't sleeping pills!)
Goodpath has a custom CBT-I program for insomnia, made with international sleep expert and Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Gregg Jacobs.

Muscles of the Back
Learn about all the muscles of the back and where your back pain might reside, written by a registered nurse on the Goodpath medical team.

Yoga for Back Pain: 8 Effective (and Easy) Poses
These 8 simple poses may help alleviate your back pain. Learn how to do all of them in a few minutes.

The Actually Healthy Power Nap
Working from home gives you the perfect opportunity to polish off the art of power napping

Back Pain: When To Contact Your Doctor
There are times when back pain may be serious and a person should contact their doctor.

Sleep Problems: When To Contact Your Doctor
Sleep Problems: When To Contact Your Doctor

Safe Lifting Technique
Steps for safe lifting to avoid back stress or pain

Exercise Advice for IBS
Exercise isn't a cure for IBS, but it can help reduce some IBS symptoms

Medicines and Insomnia Advice
Quick guidance from Goodpath on considering medicines for people with insomnia

Interaction of IBS and smoking
Guidance about how smoking can affect IBS

Caffeine and Insomnia Guidance
Caffeine interferes with sleep, and not just before bedtime

Smoking and Back Pain
Smoking can increase back pain

Effective Exercises for Common Types of Back Pain
Here's how to find the right exercises for the type of back pain that you have.

5 Exercises for Chronic Back Pain: An Expert-Recommended Sequence
Try these five expert-recommended exercises for those experiencing chronic back pain.

5 Exercises for Back Strain: Expert Recommendations
These gentle but effective exercises are recommended for reducing the pain of back strain.

5 Back Exercises for a Herniated Disc: Expert Recommendations
These gentle but effective exercises are recommended for reducing the pain of a herniated disc.

Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome curable?
There is no cure for IBS. However, learn how to lessen symptoms or even make it disappear.

How long does it take for IBS to go away?
Learn about how long IBS lasts and how you can manage your symptoms to make it leave faster.

Can IBS just suddenly start?
In short, yes, IBS can suddenly start. Figuring out if what you have is IBS is the hard part.

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Coronavirus Advice
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How Can I Work With IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
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Can IBS Cause Nausea?
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